Casting Service


Minimum casting order is $40. The set up fee includes up to 5 rings or 8 charms or combination that equals $40.00. Additional items, rings $8.00, charms $5.00. Example, you have 6 rings and 4 charms. Cost is 6 x $8.00 and 4 x $5.00 or $68.00. Very large or heavy items generally cost $1.00 per gram. We cast and clean and tumble polish castings, we do not do any hand finishing. Flask Set up fee is for each metal type sent in. We cast gold and silver. We do not cast bronze or platinum or any other metals.

We will cast your metal as long as the metal is clean and all findings and stones are removed. Your castings will only be as good as the metal you send in for casting. Enough metal needs to be sent in to cover buttons and sprues. All your metal will be returned of course. To be safe, we suggest sending in twice the amount of metal needed for castings. If your casting pieces weighing 40 grams, you need to send in 80 grams. Do not send metal in envelopes. Please double or triple bag your metal and send in a secure box.

When sending in waxes to be cast, make sure your metal is secure and cannot damage the wax patterns.

Please include your name, address, email address and phone along with complete instructions when sending in materials.

Please allow 5-10 business days in shop. Return shipping is $8.95.

If you have any questions or concerns about casting service please email us


Thank you.