Custom Gold & Silver Casting Service

We can provide our customers in the U.S. with castings from most items pictured in our catalogs or at our website. Castings are clipped, cleaned and tumble polished. Final finishing needs to be done at your end. We do not ship casting work outside the U.S.

Gold Casting Using our Metal.

We cast in 10kt & 14kt yellow or white gold. We do not cast any other metals.

We charge $7.50 casting fee or $1 per gram which ever is higher on gold castings when we provide the metal. Please use chart below to estimate gold cost. Please use weights in our catalogs to estimate gold cost.

We have a $100 minimum gold casting order.

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Sterling Silver Casting Using our Metal.

Current casting price for sterling silver castings, cleaned, clipped and tumble polished.

Items under 4 grams $5.00 + $.70 per gram

Items over 4 Grams Flat rate $2.00 per gram.

Minimum Sterling Silver Casting order is $50.00+ Shipping.

Castings Using your Gold.

We cast for jewelers, jewelry stores, people in the jewelry business or the dental trade. This casting service is not available for retail customers or consumers.

We charge $35 per item cast using your metal. Your metal must be clean and all findings and stones removed. You must send in twice the amount of metal needed to make the casting to cover spruing and a button. All your metal will be returned of course.

Weigh your wax patten and multiply the weight by 14 and then double that amount to figure out how much metal to send in. If the amount needed is 5 grams or less, add another 5 grams to make sure there is enough to cover the button and sprue.

If you are sending a wax pattern or patterns in with your gold, please seperate the gold from the wax pattern and make sure the wax pattern is not going to be damaged during shipping to us. Do not let the metal come in contact with the wax.

If you need to have our waxes cast using your metal, please use the weight listed in the catalog and then double that amount to cover the sprues and button. Again, if the item is under 5 grams, we need at least an extra 5 grams of metal to cover the sprue and button.

If you need help calculating the amout of metal to send, please email us at

Sizing ring waxes before casting

We charge $5.00 to size a ring wax before casting. Items that are intricate with detail going all the way around the ring will cost more and price will depend on the amount of time it takes to size the pattern.

Casting Shipping Time and Payment

Please allow 5-10 business days in shop for all casting work.

All casting work can be paid for by check, certified check or money order.

If you have any questions concerning our casting service please email us at

Thank you

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