Casting Service

Most of our customers cast for themselves and Our main business is providing our customers with wax patterns. However, we can cast for you if you need us to. We do not offer rush service on castings, most orders can take 3-10 business days for shipment.

We can cast most items in our catalogs in 10K, 14kt or 18kt yellow gold, 14kt white gold or sterling silver. We cast, clean and tumble polish castings. Final polishing and finishing needs to be done at your end. Casting service available for our US customers only.

We have a $40 mimimum set up charge per type of metal being cast. Rings weighing up to 8 grams are billed at $8.00 each. Rings over 8 grams are billed at $1.00 per gram. Charms weighing up to 5 grams are billed at $5.00 each and charms over 5 grams are billed at $1.00 per gram. If you have one 1 gram piece cast, it will cost you $40.00. That is our minimum labor charge to do any casting order. If you are using our waxes, our regular wax pattern prices will apply plus casting fee.

We are not a retail jeweler. If you are not in the jewelry business, we won't be able to do casting work for you. This service is for the jewelry trade, lapidary, jewelry students and for the dental trade only who have the knowledge of casting and the ability to make their own jewelry.

We will cast your clean metal as long as the metal is clean and all findings and stones are removed. Your castings will only be as good as the metal you send in for casting. Enough metal needs to be sent in to cover buttons and sprues. All your metal will be returned of course. To be safe, we suggest sending in twice the amount of metal needed for castings. If your casting pieces weighing 40 grams, you need to send in 80 grams. Do not send metal in envelopes. Please doube or triple bag your metal and send in a secure box.

If you are sending in waxes to be cast, make sure your metal is secure and cannot damage the wax patterns. Pease be careful when packaging materials to send in for casting.

If you need us to provide metal, please use the charts below as a guide. It will cost you less to send in your own metal.

Please contact us for estimates or quotes and let us know what you are sending in. We can help you figure out your cost and arrange for payment of your casting order. The best way to contact us regarding casting costs and other questions is by email.

Please include your name, address, email address and phone along with complete instructions when sending in materials.

Casting work received by Wednesday morning is usally shipped by Friday. Work received after Wednesday, will be shipped the following Friday.

Thank you.