Casting Service

Large or heavy pieces are billed at $1.00 per gram labor for casting.

Please send in 2x's the metal required to make a casting. There needs to be enough metal for a sprue and button. All your metal will be returned.

Please remove all stones from your scrap metal. The castings are only going to be as good as the metal you send in. It is not necessary but it can help if you send in 1/2 new metal with your scrap. When using scrap metal there is a chance of pitting or porosity.

When sending in wax patterns to be cast, do not worry about spruing the waxes as we prefer to sprue the waxes. YOU DO NEED TO WORRY about keeping the waxes seperated from your metal to insure the waxes arrive safely. Please don't toss your metal and waxes in a job envelope because the waxes will be broken when they get here. Pack your waxes carefully and away from the metal in a sturdy box. The post office provides "flat rate" priority mail boxes.

Please do not send metal or jewelry in a regular envelope. It will not get to us. Below is a picture of an envelope we recently received. This customer put a gold button in a regular envelope and dropped it in the mail. Envelopes are processed by sorting machines. A gold button or any piece of jewelry isn't going to make it through the sorting machines. Please Package all materials in a sturdy box and secure the materials so the materials don't get lost or damaged. A little commons sense and care goes a long way. Not sure what this guy was thinking.

Please allow 3-5 days in shop for casting orders allow another week for shipping time back and forth.

You may send in a mold for us to inject waxes to be cast. If you need waxes from your mold to be cast, or to get waxes from us to cast, please see our Wax Pattern Price List for cost of wax patterns prior to casting.

We prefer payment to be made by check or money order for all casting work. Please include payment when you send in your materials for casting. Return shipping is $8.95.

If your not sure how much to send, please email us prior to mailing and we can give you a total for your casting job as well as how much metal to send to have your casting work done.

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