Custom Waxes

Creating New Designs is easy as 1-2-3

Step 1.

Email us a picture or pictures or drawings of the design you would like to have made. Please include all dimensions, finger sizes, stone sizes. The more information the better. A link to a website will also work as long as there are pictures of the item you want to have made.

Please do not call about custom wax work. We can't discuss your project without seeing images and dimensions.

Our email address is

We will look at your information and send you a quote by email for doing the cad work and milling or printing your design.

Step 2.

Once payment is received we will begin creating your custom piece and then email you pictures of the finished product for your approval. If adjustments need made, there is no charge as long as the adjustments are within the original framework that you sent to us.

We then make the changes and send more pictures until you approve the design. Once you approve the design, on to step 3.

Step 3

Once you approve the design, we will mill or 3D print your project. Some designs work better milling and some 3D printed. Once the milling or printing is done, your new design is sent to you.

Multiple Copies

If you need a "backup", it usually cost about $65 to mill or print a "backup". It is not necessary, we keep the files and you can have a copy made at any time. No reason to spend extra money if not needed.

If you need many copies of your design, we can cast the piece for you, finish it for molding, make a rubber mold and send you wax patterns. The cost depends on what the item is, size, weight, etc. Cost to set up a production mold can be as little as $50 or up to $100 depending on the item. We can produce waxes at our regular wax pattern prices. Please note there are certain items that we would not be able to provide waxes on and only supply you with the milled or 3d printed masters. We can tell you at the beginning if we would be able to mold and inject waxes for you.

The process can take one to two weeks plus shipping time. We look forward to working with you.

Below are some projects we have done and the costs for each project. You can use it as a guide for pricing.





This motorcycle was created in the cad program

and then placed on the side of the Zodiacs motorcyle club ring


Wax Stamp Seal Ring. Ring is reversed and recessed used to press a hot "wax seal"

We send several images from different angles with dimensions for approval before milling.



We look forward to hearing from you.