Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most common questions we receive.

Question: Do I have to be in business to buy from you?


We sell to the Jewelry Trade, Dental Trade, Rockhounds, Lapidary clubs and jewelry making clubs or hobbist that make their own jewelry. We are here to help you create your own jewelry.

We are not a retail jeweler. If you are looking to have jewelry made, we cannot help you. Please look to a local jeweler to buy or have custom jewelry made.

Question: What is your minimum wax pattern order?

Answer: Our minimum wax pattern order is $25.00 + $6.95 Shipping & Handling in the U.S. Our minimum order for orders shipped outside the US is $50.00 + shipping to your country.

Question: What are the Prices for Wax Patterns?

Click Here for Wax Pattern Prices

Question: How long does it take for you to ship an order?

Most orders are usually shiped within one business day. Orders placed in the mornings are usually shipped the same day. Most orders will be received within 3 days after shipping.

Question: What size are your wax patterns?

Answer: Most Ladies rings are size 6-7 and Mens rings are about sizes 9-10. However, this may vary. Ring waxes can be easily sized and there is a tutorial on how to size rings at the website.

Learn How to Size Wax Patterns

Question: Can I order wax patterns in different sizes?

Answer: Sorry, but no. We only have 1 mold per design. To offer each ring in different sizes we would need to have several molds for each design. Certain sets of waxes like our comfort fit wedding bands and 1/2 round wedding bands are available in different sizes, these will be listed. Please visit our tutorial on how to size wax patterns. Click Here for Tutorial

Question: Can you size wax patterns for me?

Answer: No we do not size wax patterns, there is a tutorial on how to size wax patterns. Please use the link on the navigation bar on left side of this page "Sizing Waxes"

Question: Do you have a specific wax pattern in stock?

Answer: If we are out of stock, we will make the wax to fill your order. We do not back order or substitute waxpatterns.

Question: Are the waxes safe during shipping.

Answer: The wax we use is very durable and 99.9% of waxes will arrive undamaged.

Our customers are professional jewelers, students learning to make jewelry, Rockhounds Dental labs and hobbiest who all make their own jewelry and and repairing a wax is normally very simple. It is possible you may need to make a slight repair from time to time. We very seldom have issues with damage during shipping.

The wax we use melts at 150 degrees, so even in summer you don't need to worry about waxes melting from high temperatures.

Orders shipped outside the United States may have a slightly higher risk of breakage for a couple reasons. The time and distance involved is longer. Orders can be opened by customs and we cannot be responsible for breakage due to packages being examined by customs agents. They do not know what they are dealing with. That being said, there is a slightly higher risk of damaged or broken waxes on orders shipped outside the U.S. We do not replace broken or damaged waxes. We ship many orders to countries all over the world and waxes usually arrive safely without any issues.

Question: Can I pick up wax patterns when I am in your area or stop by to visit?

Answer: Sorry No. We are mail order only and we do not have a showroom.

Question: What type of wax do you use and can I sand it?

Answer: We use a light green injection wax. It can be sanded and finished. It is easy to work with. You can alter wax patterns easily as long as you have wax working skills using wax pens or other wax working tools. It is not as hard as carving wax, but it can be carved. It also holds up well in shipping.

Question: Can you make a custom wax pattern for me ?

Answer: Yes we can, please visit our custom wax pattern page for more info. Custom Wax Patterns

Question: Do you sell wax wire or other jewelry supplies?

Answer: Sorry, No. If you need a jewelry supply company we highly reccomend Rio Grande Jewelry Supply, 7500 Bluewater Rd NW, Albuquerque, NM 87121. 800-545-6566

Question: Can I exchange or return wax patterns?

Answer: Sorry, No. Please make sure you only order the waxes you need using the correct stock numbers exactly as they are listed in our on line catalogs. Please see Ordering Information before placing any orders.

Question: How much will item # weigh in Silver?

Answer: Most of the items pictures in our catalogs have the approximate gold weight listed below the stock number in grams.

The silver weight is about 78% of the listed gold weight. When casting you should use extra metal to allow for spruing and a button.

Question: What is the wax conversion to metal?


Multiply the wax weight using the chart below

Wax Weight x's metal factor = casting weight

10kt Gold 11.6

14kt Gold 13.4

18kt Gold 15.5

24kt Gold 19.32

Sterling Silver 10.4

Pure Silver 10.5

Bronze 8.8

Example Wax Weight = 2 Grams x 13.40 (14kt) = 26.8 grams

Question: How much extra metal do I use to make my castings?

Answer: You will need to use more metal to make a casting than the actual items will weigh to allow for sprues and a button. It is imposible to use the "exact" amount of metal so you need additional metal to insure your casting is complete.

The standard thought is to use two times the amount of metal that you think the casting will weigh. That is a good rule to follow.

You may also weigh your wax pattern with sprue or sprues attached and then multiply that weight by 18 for gold or 15 for silver. That should give you enough metal to make your casting.

Example: A wax pattern with the sprue attached weighs 1 gram. To make casting use 18 grams of gold or 14 grams of silver.

One exception to this method would be if the items are very light. We always use a minimum of 5 grams to make a small casting even though the item may only end up weighing 1 gram.

Question: I am having problems with my castings, how do I fix.........?

Answer: Please see our casting help page Casting Help

Question: I usually weigh my metal in dwt (pennyweights). How do I figure out how many grams is a dwt?

Answer: dwt (pennyweight) and gram weights are both used to weigh metal. 1 Troy oz equals 20 dwt and 1 Troy oz equals 31.1 grams.

So there is about 1 1/2 grams to a dwt. Both are common units of measure for weighing precious metals.

Question: I have a stone that I want to have casted in place, can you recommend someone that casts stones in place?

Although many jewelry manufactuers cast stones in place, we do not know of anyone who will cast stones in place unless it is for their own needs. Casting stones in place requires different burnout techniques and castings have to be handled with extra care outside the normal casting process and most casters do not want to do the extra work required or be repsonible for a customers stones.

We don't suggest casting stones in place until you become familar with the process as you may damage a valuable stone. Even the most experienced casters can have problems when casting in place.

Under the right circumstances casting stones in place can save many hours of time especially when doing production work.

Question: Do you ship outside the US.

Answer: Yes, please see our Foreign Shipment Page for more information on placing orders from outside the U.S.


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Thank you.


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