Free Duplication Service

We will make a rubber mold of rings, charms or pendants or other small items at no charge. This service is for our U.S. Customers only. Please email us at and send a picture of the item or items along with the dimensions and we will let you know if a mold can be made.

How it works.

1.We will duplicate your items for you at no charge if you buy 12 wax patterns from the mold @ $2.50 each. The total charge for the waxes and shipping is $38.95. $30 for 12 wax patterns at $2.50 each and $8.95 for return shipping. Bracelets, Buckles or very large items are not eligible for this special offer.

2. We return your master of course along with the waxes. We retain the mold and give it a stock number for future ordering in case you need more wax patterns from the mold in the future . If you want to buy the mold and have it shipped to you please see our

"Regular Mold Service Page"

3. Please include a check to "Legacy Designs" for $38.95. If sending more than one item. Add $30 for each additional 12 wax patterns. The return shipping will still be $8.95. If you need more than 12 waxes from the mold, our regular prices kick in after the first 12 waxes.

4. It takes 2-3 days in shop plus shipping time back and forth.

Prepare your item to be molded

Items to be molded must be made of metal. Gold, silver, brass, bronze, platinum, stainless steel. Your master will always be returned with your wax patterns.

Please remove all stones as well as tacks, pins, or other findings from your metal master before sending an item to be molded.

Please do not sprue items to be molded, we will do that in shop.

Shipping Your Item

Please include your name, address and phone number along with your master as well as any specific instructions to:

Please note We do not offer mold service for customers outside the U.S.

For more information regarding our mold service please email us at:

or call 417 368 7592

Thank you, we look forward to working with you.