Mold Service / Duplication

We can copy metal items for you and make a vulcanized rubber mold that can last up to 50 years. We have rubber molds we are using that were made in the 1960's.

We will be glad to make a mold for you that can be used to make thousands of wax patterns used for lost wax casting.

Prepare your item to be molded

Items to be molded must be made of metal. Gold, silver, brass, bronze, platinum, stainless steel and most metals used in jewelry making.

White metal / lead based metal can be molded. Very rarely a "pot metal" piece will break, but it is a possibility.

Your master will always be returned with your mold.

Please remove all stones as well as tacks, pins, or other findings from your metal master before sending an item to be molded. Package all items in a sturdy box or bubble envelope only. Boxes are better.

Please do not sprue items to be molded, we will do that in shop.

Cost & Payment

Payment and Sending Us Your Master

We appreciate making payments by sending in a check or money order with your item or items to be molded.

If you need waxes from your mold, Wax pattern prices are based on our regular pricing. Return shipping is $9.95.

If your not sure what the total cost will be, please email us at and we will help guide you thru the process if you have not had a mold done in the past.

Your metal master is always returned as well as the mold and any waxes we do for you from the mold. They are your property.

Turn around time is usually 1-2 days in shop plus shipping time back and forth. Usually about one week.

It will help to let us know in advance you are sending in an item to be molded. Please use priority mail to send in your items.

Original Design Guarantee

We know the time it takes to create an original piece of jewelry. Your hours of hard work and creativity are appreciated. We understand your concerns of protecting your original design.

We will never duplicate your orignal design for our own use. When you send in an original design, just let us know that you are the artist and we guarantee we will never reproduce or use your original design. Your original designs are 100% safe with us.








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