Duplicate Special

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Duplicate Special

How it works

Order 100+ regular wax patterns

at our everyday low price of $1.20 each

We will reduce the price to $1.00 each on first 100+ waxes

Then just Say "Duplicate my Order"

You will get a copy of all regular waxes or findings from the first order for only 50 cents per wax.

Save 20% on the original 100+ piece order and the duplicate order will only cost you 50 CENTS EACH.

50 Cent Duplicate Offer is on "regular wax patterns" and findings.


add Bracelets, Alphabet sets, "K" "Z" or "CCW" waxes at their regular prices and when you duplicate, we will take 1/2 off on the duplicate part of your order. Bracelet and Alphabet sets are listed in our on line catalogs and "K,Z, or CCW" waxes are $2.50 each and you will get the dupliate part of the order at 1/2 off.

When you take advantage of this sale, just order the first order and say "DUPLICATE MY ORDER" and we will automatially double the quantities for you. Entire order must be duplicated to qualify.

If you have any questions, please email us at waxpatterns.com@gmail.com and we will help out.








50 Cent Waxes Click on Coin for details

Limited Offer