Wholesale Wax Pattern Prices

$25.00 Minimum Wax Pattern Order

+ $6.95 shipping/handling

Orders over 100 waxes $8.95 S&H

Regular Wax Pattern Prices

1-24 Wax Patterns....................$2.50 each

25-49 Wax Patterns...................$2.00 each

50-99 Wax Patterns....................$1.65 each

100+ Wax Patterns...................$1.20 each

Some waxes are two part waxes, they will have an a,b or L R at the end of the stock number. Two part waxes count as two wax patterns. All Wedding sets and earrings are two part waxes.

Waxes with stock numbers ending in the "Z" "K" "CW" or "CCW" are $2.50 each and there are no quantity discounts.

You can save money on "Z" "K" "CW" or "CCW" wax patterns when using our Mail Order Option.

Findings series A-T on page 69 of our blue catalog are $1 each. Please click on the letter for the stock number and you will see all the sizes available for that style finding. Please include sizes when ordering.

Other findings are priced as regular wax patterns or as listed in our on line catalogs.

Alphabet Sets and Bracelets are priced in our on line catalogs.

Please note if you have hard copies of our catalogs, that alphabet sets and bracelet prices as well as stock numbers are not current, please check our on line catalogs for current stock numbers and pricing. Thank you.

We have a $25.00 minimum wax pattern order + $6.95 S&H,

Orders over 100 waxes $8.95 S&H

If you have any questions concerning our pricing please email us at waxpatterns.com@gmail.com

Thank you we appreciate your business!

Foreign Orders

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Minimum Order shipped outside the U.S. is $50.00

50 Cent Waxes Click on Coin for details

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